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The Macedonian Dentistry Students' Association is open for co-operation. Whether You are a dental student or a dental professional, we will be more than happy to hear from you.

Dental students are more than welcome to send articles about the dental education in their countries or essays on other interesting topics for dental students. They will be published both in the paper an the electronic edition of Dentitia and they will get full credit for their work. We will be happy to have all of you as our student-corespondents.

Dental professionals promoting dental services, materials or equipment have a unique opportunity to advertise on the pages of Dentitia and Dentitia On-line. Not only will they sponsor a successful non-profit organization dealing with education but they will get a chance to reach a great number of future dentists both in Macedonia and world-wide. We also offer banner space on Dentitia On-line as a non-expensive way to promote your site.

Macedonian Dentistry Students' Association
(Sojuz na studentite po stomatologija na Makedonija)



ul.Vodnjanska br.17
1000 Skopje
Republic of Macedonia

Telephone/Fax : ++ 389 (0)2 3 115 647


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