Dentistry Students' Exchange in Macedonia

A brief guide to Macedonia
Информации за студентска размена за студентите од Македонија
Macedonian-Polish Dentistry Students' Bilateral Exchange 2001

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The MDSA (Macedonian Dentistry Student Association) is a non-profitable organization, run and composed by the dental students from Macedonia, with the goal of promoting their interests and status, as well as to help their cooperation on a regional and international level.

The MDSA is a full member of the International Association of Dental Students (www.iads-web.org) and therefore is taking part in all of the activities of the IADS.

The main purpose of the IADS is to unite the dental students of the world and allow them to exchange knowledge and experiences about dentistry at an international level. The internships are available in almost all European countries, in Egypt, in South Africa, Puerto Rico... During their stay the students are acquainted with the professional clinical work, the different health systems in the different countries. The IADS also organizes the IADS World Congress, an event which is held annually in on of the member countries and serves as a meeting place for hundreds of students and young dentists from all over the world.

Among the activities of the MDSA one is of an international importance : organizing professional internship abroad for the students from Macedonia, but also organizing the exchange program for the international dental students who visit Macedonia.

The internships of the exchange program in Macedonia are organized at the Faculty of Dentistry of the University "Sv. Kiril i Metodij" in Skopje. There are two types of exchanges:

bilateral (according to the contract between two national organization the expenses of boarding and accommodation are covered by these organizations)

unilateral (the student has to cover his/her expenses)

Students from all the countries have the possibility for unilateral type of exchange, and some have possibility for a bilateral exchange (a contract between the two Dental Student's Association is required). For details regarding the exchange possibilities in Macedonia contact the Macedonian NEO, Mr. Ognen Dimcevski.

The exchange in Macedonia can be done during October, November, December, February, March, April and May and can last 1-2 weeks.

Besides the academic part of the program, the Macedonian Dentistry Students' Association also organizes social events and visits to interesting cultural and historical places for the students visiting Macedonia.

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Информации за студентска размена за студентите од Македонија
Macedonian-Polish Dentistry Students' Bilateral Exchange 2001


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