The scientific club of the Macedonian Dentistry Students' Association (MDSA) is proud to welcome you to the first interactive edition of the award winning* magazine - Dentitia


The purpose of this web site is to inform you about the present activities and the history of the Macedonian Dentistry Students' Association (MDSA) , and to present you with the contents of the magazine "Dentitia" which is published by the MDSA.

The initial idea for the creation of the site was to make a reference guide for the students who wish to visit Macedonia through the IADS exchange program, and to explore the possibilities for on-line publishing of the articles written by the dentistry students from Macedonia for the printed edition of the Dentitia magazine. Since its debut in June 1999 the site has grown to be an archive of opinions and discussions and a meeting place for the past and present dental students from Macedonia and our numerous friends and colleagues from all-over the world

The web site is made entirely by dental students, and it is updated regularly with new materials.

Hoping you will find Dentitia On-line informative and fun and that you will visit us often, we once again welcome to our site.

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